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VGM/LAH History

As the newest addition to the VGM Group, Live At Home (LAH) is for companies that provide Home Accessibility solutions for the disabled and those wishing to age in their own homes. LAH’s mission statement is simple…"a comprehensive network of professionals with quality products dedicated to offering real solutions to independent living challenges for the handicapped, severely disabled and those wishing to age in place".  All LAH members are Certified Environmental Access Consultants (CEACs), demonstrating their devotion to quality and professionalism.

Van G. Miller founded VGM & Associates Sept. 3, 1986, as a national buying group for independent home medical equipment providers. In the ensuing decades, it has expanded to include buying groups for high-tech rehab and respiratory providers, orthotic and prosthetic practitioners, the golf and private club industry and HME providers in Canada.

The organization has grown to include 15 companies, the majority of which are related to the HME industry. Collectively, they’re known as VGM Group, Inc. VGM is the largest group of its kind in the HME industry.

VGM’s story really begins in 1978, when Van founded Miller Medical Service, an HME business that grew into a franchise operation with 26 locations in the Midwest. Because of its size, the company received healthy volume discounts from nearly all its vendors, enabling even the small franchisee to realize very good pricing. He sold his 50 percent ownership of Miller Medical in 1986, and founded VGM & Associates.

Van has been named one of the “Top 10 Most Influential People in the HME Industry.” HomeCare Magazine recognized him with its HomeCaring Award, the industry’s equivalent of a lifetime achievement honor. Companies headed by him have twice made Inc. Magazine’s list of the 500 Fastest Growing Companies in the U.S.

In 2005, VGM implemented an ESOP, which is the centerpiece of the company’s plan for succession and continuity. On June 3, 2008, VGM became a 100 percent employee-owned company.

VGM Group, Inc.

Van G. Miller & Associates, 1986: The original buying group negotiates contracts with major HME manufacturers to allow independent dealers to be competitive with national chains. Ron Bendell is president.

VGM Insurance, Inc, 1990: This company provides a broad range of liability and property coverages for HME providers, orthotic and prosthetic practitioners and HME manufacturers. Tom Jones is president.

VGM Financial Services, 1991: The financial arm of VGM, this company supports and designs lease/financing programs for buying alliances members and Participating Manufacturers. In 2004, it was sold to TCF. Terms of the sale included keeping all employees and remaining in Waterloo for 15 years. Mike Kloos is senior vice president/general manager.

VGM Technologies, Inc., 1992: VGMT provides technology-related consulting and a variety of communications products and services for VGM Members, other business entities and residential customers. Merideth McDonald is vice president.

Orthotic and Prosthetic Group of America, Inc. 1993: Incorporated in 1993, OPGA is the largest U.S. purchasing group for independent O&P companies. VGM acquired POINT Health Centers of America in 2004. Dennis Clark is president of OPGA and POINT.

HOMELINK, 1993®: HOMELINK is the largest national network of HME, IV therapy, O and P, Home Health Nursing and Physical Therapy companies, with more than 5,000 locations serving all 50 states. HOMELINK allows case managers the convenience of making one phone call and dealing with one entity. Dave Kazynski is president.

Home Nursing Network of America, 1994: HNNA operates as a subsidiary of HOMELINK, and offers independent Home Health Agencies participation in national managed care contracts.

VGM Club, 1994: Organized in 1994 as a national buying alliance for green-grass golf establishments, Club but has since expanded its programs to include private clubs and casinos. D. Jay Ellis is president.

VGM Insurance Co. of America, Ltd., 1995: Headquartered in Bermuda, it provides re-insurance and captive insurance programs for VGM and member companies.

U.S. Rehab, 1997®: Acquired in 1997, U.S. Rehab is a national alliance of NRRTS-registered Rehabilitation Technology Suppliers. Jerry Keiderling is president.

VGM Canada, 1998 and Motion Group, 2003: This network is a buying alliance for independent Canadian HME and rehab providers. Dave Davies is vice president.

vgm creative, 1998: vgm creative has set the industry standard for HME graphic design and has also developed a line of “Off-the-Shelf” marketing materials for end users of HME. Desiree Trimble is creative director.

VGM Forbin, 1999: This division offers complete Internet solutions, including Web design, hosting and proprietary products developed for the HME marketplace. Rob Duryea is president.

Strategic Media, Ltd., 2004: This political communications firm provides services to candidates seeking elective office and currently operates as a division of vgm creative. Carolyn Cole is managing director.

Live At Home, 2008: A buying alliance, educational source and lead generator for professionals offering solutions in the accessibility and aging in place market. Jerry Keiderling is President.

VGM Retail, 2010: This division is designed to help members expand their cash sales through training materials, merchandising ideas, showroom design and marketing tips. Rob Baumhover is Director.

VGM Corporate Specialties, 2012: VGM Corporate Specialties is an internal distributor of promotional products and corporate apparel put into place to leverage the promotional buying of VGM to negotiate better pricing for our members and vendors. Jennifer Heller is Manager.