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Disabled Home Access

Your home and surroundings are most important when considering an independent lifestyle. Your daily activities within your home are first and foremost when considering how to manage with a disability or age gracefully as independently as possible. Many options regarding your Independent Living Solutions and Accessible Home Modifications are available to you and all should be explored for their individual offerings and possible results.

Click on the rooms below and explore the possibilities to expand your freedom and independence, while at the same time, maintaining a good appearance and pleasing atmosphere within your living space.



Accessible Home Modifications
  • Ramps
  • Zero clearance entry ways
  • At least one entrance without steps
  • Well-lit entry
  • Ramps or a gently sloping path

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Living Room

Home Solutions
  • Stair lifts
  • Wheelchair stair lifts
  • A minimum of 32 inches of
    clearance through doors
  • No area rugs and low-pile
    carpeting with firm padding

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Disabled Home Access
  • Accessible counters
  • Lowering upper cabinets
  • Accessible drawer and door pulls
  • Clear floor space with 60" turning radius
  • Lever faucets

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Bathroom Modifications
  • Accessible safety products
    (grab bars, drawer pulls, etc.)
  • Bath, shower and commode chairs
  • Walk-in tubs
  • Roll-in showers
  • Non-slip floors
  • Ceiling lifts
  • Portable lifts

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Accessible Home Modifications
  • Ceiling lifts
  • Portable lifts

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All Rooms

Independent Living Solutions
  • Elevators
  • Automatic door openers
  • Ceiling lifts
  • Portable lifts

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